Take advantage of the DAY TRIP DISCOUNT

Beautiful home decor, trendy outfits, quality products, and a wonderful experience. This is what you’ll find at both The Markket in Edgewood and Just For You (JFY) in Dyersville. Only 26 miles apart, The Markket and JFY are sister stores but that’s not all, they’re managed by sisters too! Rhonda and Robyn have teamed up to share the love and that’s why they have created the Day Trip Discount.

Next time you’re at The Markket or JFY, purchase an item and want to make a trip to the next store, make sure to get a Day Trip Discount coupon from the front desk person. They will sign it, validating your purchase, and for 24 hours this coupon provides you with a 20% off coupon to use on your entire order at the next store! (exclusions do apply)

So begin planning your next Day Trip. Take advantage of this great offer. And while planning your day trip let us know how we can help, whether that be suggesting more stops or places to eat, we’d love to be of assistance!