Plus-Plus® at The Markket

I first saw Plus Plus in July at the Atlanta Market. I wanted to find a handful of unique toys that would be fun for several ages and provided opportunity for imaginative play. When I saw Plus Plus I knew I had found it. The package sizes allows you to start with a single tube at just $7 and allows you to add larger packages once you see that your child actually plays with it. Since their introduction to our store has gone so well we have added boxed sets and the midi’s which are for smaller children. We work hard to find the “difficult to find and unique” Plus Plus fits the bill. -Rhonda Kendrick

The world of Plus-Plus®

Plus-Plus® is a new toy having gained a tremendous popularity over the last few years in its home base in Denmark. The success has been developed together with the leading toy retailers, specialty stores as well as with schools and other institutions.

Simplistic shape. Endless possibility!

Plus-Plus® is a Danish toy manufacturer. Production of the original and creative toys takes place near Copenhagen. Danish design in essence.  Plus-Plus® develops the imagination and creativity of children and appeals evenly to boys and girls. Once Plus-Plus® has been tried out it becomes a kid´s favorite. Many hours of intensive play.

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